Our Photo Gallery

Here are some recent pictures of Darren's "new baby"...a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50.

Loading Up 1

We made the drive to Honda East in Toledo, OH to pick the bike up. Kristi finally figured she should probably get the camera as we finished loading up.

Loading Up 2

I've now noticed Kristi with the camera and flash a HUGE grin. Can't wait to get 'er home.

Time To Unload

Some neighbors are recruited to assist with the unloading.

Unloading 1

We better be careful!

Unloading 2

This ramp is narrower than I thought. Perhaps I should bring it down from beside the bike.

Unloading 3

Just about down and not a scratch!

Parked In The Driveway

Here she sits after her maiden voyage.

Another Angle

Man, I really need to get this out somewhere for a proper photo shoot.

Right Side

Doesn't Beth's old car make a nice backdrop?

Day Trippin'

Darren pulls into the Kenwood Towne Centre after riding around town all morning on Day 2.

First Ride Bell

Got the ride bell that my mom gave me mounted on Day 3 after putting 50 more miles down the road.

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